Young Lyttelton baker gains fame for sweet treats

A young Lyttelton baker has become famous for her unique doughnuts that have people queuing down the street.

The creations are so popular, the queue is 20-people deep by mid-morning and the treats are sold out before lunchtime.

At just 24 years old, entrepreneur Bree Scott is the mastermind behind the impressive creations. She's up at 2am every morning, baking all of the 800 doughnuts by herself, which she began selling at her dad's bakery last year.

"I never thought it would take off. I just did it as a hobby," Ms Scott says. "The Facebook page exploded and then everyone was coming to get doughnuts."

They've become so popular that lines stretched down the main street during school holidays.

"People were literally lining up out the door and the shop was full, waiting for me to put the next doughnuts out. It's been pretty spectacular."