Auckland baby's alleged kidnappers named in court

One of the woman accused of kidnapping an 11-day-old baby in Auckland earlier this year pretended to be pregnant - to the point of hiring props to keep up the charade.

Nadene Faye Manukau Togiavalu, 21, and Sydnee Toulapapa, 19, are facing burglary and kidnapping charges, after allegedly taking the baby girl from an Epsom home. The baby was found safe and sound by police after the six-hour ordeal.

The pair have been jointly charged with unlawfully taking the baby without consent and with the intent to cause the baby to be confined. Those charges carry a maximum sentence of 14 years in prison.

Both women have also been charged with breaking and entering, which carries a maximum penalty of 10 years.

At a court appearance in August, Togiavalu's defence lawyer said she was "extremely unwell" and needed treatment. She was remanded on bail to Waiatarau Acute Unit at Waitakere Hospital.

On Tuesday, the court heard prior to the incident she had been pretending to be pregnant, and went to great lengths to keep up the charade.

She had hired equipment to make people think she was pregnant, and had even held a baby shower to fool her friends and family.

A judge has ordered a report on her fitness to plead and said she will be in an intensive-care, high-security unit under 24-hour curfew.

In August, the court heard Toulapapa had been living in Australia for the past eight months and was on holiday in New Zealand when the alleged offence happened. Her passport has been confiscated.

Her lawyer, Annabel Cresswell, said Togiavalu was the primary offender and her client also had no previous convictions.

Toulapapa has been bailed to a South Auckland address until her next court appearance on August 31, when she will enter a plea.

The bail conditions include no contact with the co-accused, not to go within 2km of Pah Road, where the complainant lives, and also a strict curfew.