Aucklanders share public transport horror stories

Aucklanders have shared examples of terrible behaviour on the city's public transport system in a discussion on social media website Reddit.

The original poster shared a complaint about people sitting in reserved seats when they don't need them.

"The [reserved seats] are there so people with bikes don't block the alley. Same reason there are seats reserved for parents with strollers or disabled people in wheelchairs," Reddit user Hoggger wrote.

"Come on guys, we're all using it for the same reason, you're not better than anyone else."

The discussion took off, with around 150 users adding their two cents.

"I once saw someone on the train with their bag on the seat next to them during peak hour," one user shared.

"Someone kindly asked him to move it so he could sit, as the train was really crowded and people were standing. [I] was pretty shocked when he just straight refused to move his bag. How do you not feel like a complete ass when you behave like that?"

Another commenter brought up "all the numpties that just board and stay in the doorway. Move down the aisles."

Perhaps the most disgusting story of the discussion was posted by a user known as GuySimile.

"I just haven't been able to ride the bus since the day I sat in pee on the Inner Link," they wrote.

Despite all this, some people managed to have more positive experiences to share.

"People thank the driver in Auckland all the time," one person wrote.

Auckland Transport ran a public transport etiquette poster campaign in early 2016.

"Train managers walk the length of the train and if people are acting inappropriately or inconsiderately they may ask them to stop," an Auckland Transport spokesperson said.

Top 6 complaints about public transport etiquette:

  • Sitting in seats reserved for those with bikes, strollers, and wheelchairs
  • Putting bag on one of the only spare seats
  • Standing in doorways or blocking the aisle
  • Eating
  • Sitting very close when the bus is near empty
  • Manspreading