Close call as police prevent youth brawl at Orakei train station

Auckland train
Police say no fighting occurred this time. Photo credit: Newshub.

Dozens of police and the Eagle helicopter have managed to diffuse a potentially dangerous situation at an Auckland train station.

A police spokesperson says there were reports of up to 100 youth gathering at the Orakei station on Friday evening, with concerns around the way they were behaving.

A witness told Fairfax there were "lots of kids in the car park waiting around for something as our train blew through". Another said they weren't letting passengers leave the station.

In 2015, a brawl amongst youth at the Orakei station caused delays across the Auckland train network.

Police say no fighting occurred this time, and officers made sure the group was separated and tensions were deescalated.

They say police stayed at both Orakei and Meadowbank stations, monitoring the situation.