Convicted Shortland St actor Rene Naufahu calls out 'haters' and 'hoes'

A video of convicted Shortland Street actor Rene Naufahu has emerged online, in which he criticises his 'haters' and 'hoes'.

The 47-year-old has admitted six charges of indecently assaulting several acting students. His trial was due to start Friday morning, but he changed his plea to guilty. Thirteen other charges were withdrawn.

In the poem, which dates back to a few weeks before his guilty plea on Friday morning, Naufahu described the process of going through the court procedure, saying it had ruined relationships and his reputation.

"They tried to stop my destiny, thought they had seen the best of me, from the day the cops arrested me, even saw my kin detested me," he reads to a group of listeners.

"Abandoned by hypocrisy, once close ties now lost to me, hatred fuelled by jealousy, gossip spread maliciously.

"My name became like leprosy, Jesus Christ what's next for me?"

"Haters north, south, east and west of me. Driven to the flame, hoes requested me. Giving into the shame would've been the death of me."

It's not clear whether the harsh use of the word "hoes" relates to his victims; it could be a nod towards those who approached him after his sexual accusations unfolded, "driven to the flame" of the gossip.

"I accept, with the benefit of new clarity… that I have let my personal feelings and issues enter my professional life as an acting coach," Naufahu said in a statement following his conviction.

"I accept that rather than just being passionate and challenging, my approach was also at times inappropriate and offensive to some."

I am of course ashamed and disappointed that my conduct has led to this… I am sincerely sorry."