Dog locked in stranger's garage, finds stockpile of dog treats to keep him company

Dog, Christchurch
His owner estimates he ate $150 worth of dog food during his nine hour "ordeal". Photo credit: Sam Maree

A dog in Christchurch found himself in what might have seemed like an unfortunate situation, accidentally locked inside a stranger's garage.

But this canine was in a doggy gold mine - the garage was owned by a woman who makes her own dog treats. 

Sam Maree's dog, known as Biggie, went missing on Thursday morning in the area of Bromley and found his way into the lady's garage as she arrived home from a night shift.

"[He] must of followed her car into the garage as she pulled up around 8am," Ms Maree says.

"She locked the garage not realising he was in there."

Luckily for Biggie he found himself locked in a garage full of dog treats, and managed to eat his way through around 60 dog treats valued at more than $150 by the time he was discovered.

Ms Maree told Newshub the unnamed lady makes the treats to sell for her catering company and says there was a "big mess" when he was found around nine hours later.

The lady then rung the pound, who already knew Biggie was missing, and returned him to his rightful owner, who now has a big bill to clean up.

"She asked for us to contact her to pay some compensation [for the treats] but was very lovely and thought Biggie was a friendly dog," Ms Maree added.

That bill might not be as big as Ms Maree first thought. After posting her story to a Facebook page, many people posted in support of Biggie's doggy antics.

"I'm happy to donate $10 toward "Biggie's" bill, and an extra $10 to get him some more," one person wrote. 

"Biggie is a genius! and I like the way he works."