Dunedin's own UFO up for sale

A house fit for a spacewoman (or spaceman) is on offer for any adventurers looking for a unique home near Dunedin.

The Futuro house has been docked in Warrington - a coastal settlement about 20 minutes north of Dunedin - since 1975, with the unusual buildings rarely on the open market.

Originally on display at the 1974 Commonwealth Games, the futuristic-looking dome-shaped home has become a popular photo stop for tourists.

Spaceship, Dunedin
Inside the house. Photo credit: Newshub

Futuro houses were designed by a Finnish architect in the late 60s, but less than 100 of the unique structures were ever built. 

Fifteen of those were made in Christchurch under license, but just a handful remain in New Zealand today.

The UFO-style homes are made of fibreglass-reinforced polyester plastic, with 16 segments bolted together to form the striking dome shape. Assembly takes just a couple of days, with only four concrete piers needed as foundation for the buildings.

Spaceship, Dunedin
The view isn't so bad. Photo credit: TradeMe

The Warrington spaceship has been a much-loved holiday home for Christchurch-based owner Juanita Clearwater, who bought the property four years ago. She aimed to complement the futuristic style with her interior decorating and appliances.

A conservatory was added to one side of the "spaceship" to extend the living space in the 80s, with entrance to the home gained via a stair hatch that is alien-accessible.

Spaceship, Dunedin
Don't worry there is still room for a dryer. Photo credit: Newshub

The Futuro home is 51 square metres in size, and features one bedroom and bathroom. However the total property is just over 1000 square metres, and the Dunedin City Council has confirmed that a second home could be built on the site under the district plan.

The property was listed on auction site TradeMe on Monday, and Ms Clearwater told Newshub she's already been overwhelmed with interest from across New Zealand and Australia. Some prospective buyers have expressed interest in flying the spaceship to a new location, but she wants to find someone who's keen to retain the house at its current Warrington site.

The property and land has an estimated value of more than $205,000 with the seller looking for more than $400,000 with the Futuro home included.