Ever lived in a gross flat? Now you can warn others

Ever lived in a gross flat? Now you can warn others
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Have you ever lived in a cold, damp, loud flat? Now you can warn others.

A new "rate and review" website lets users search the conditions of prospective flats before they sign their lease.

New Zealand Flat Reviews allows tenants to rate warmth, dampness, noise, location, and how quickly landlords respond to maintenance requests.

Website founder Aaron Yee hopes the platform will offer a sense of fairness for potential renters.

"We are excited about creating more transparency within the rental market, allowing potential tenants to review previous tenant's experiences before signing up to live in a property." 

It comes not long after the launch of a voluntary Warrant of Fitness housing scheme by Wellington City Council, aimed at raising the standard of rentals in the region.

New Zealand Flat Reviews will allow landlords to upload their WoF report alongside their property so potential tenants can filter based on property ratings.