Extreme winds leave hole trail of destruction in Central Otago

Extremely high winds on Friday left a trail of destruction through Clyde in Central Otago.

Resident John Laing ended up with a huge hole in his roof.

"I thought hello there's the fence going and with that I could hear the thumping in the lounge roof, and it ended up with a hole up there in the tiles the size of a single bed mattress opened up." 

The local fire brigade was in hot demand dealing with its busiest day in twenty years.

Senior firefighter Clayton Andrews said "We've been dispatched to multiple calls, fences down, roofs off, trees down."

About thirty of those trees were at the local golf club, and the wind turned the usually still waters of the Clyde Dam to chop.

Linesmen were hard at work removing trees that were threatening power lines. Branches were snapping everywhere and a power line fell down into a gully.

Local Mayor Tim Cadogan spent the morning riding with police assessing the damage which fortunately was only to property.

"No reports of injury. That's the big thing at the end of the day but really a lot of damage in an incredible windstorm."

One that residents here are likely to be cleaning up from for many weeks to come.