Father who accidentally shot daughter sentenced

A father who was convicted of manslaughter after fatally shooting his two-year-old daughter will spend four years and four months behind bars.

Gustav Sanft shot his daughter, Amokura Daniels-Sanft, at close-range outside their south-Auckland home last year. The toddler had been living on Favona Rd with Sanft, her mother and three siblings.

During his trial at the Auckland High Court in July Sanft accepted he had shot his daughter, but maintained he never aimed the firearm at her, and it spontaneously exploded in his hands.

A jury unanimously found him guilty of her manslaughter.

Crown prosecutor Katie Hogan said Amokura's death was a result of a number of failures on Sanft's behalf, including failing to check if the weapon was loaded, and if its safety catch was on.

Defence lawyer Phil Hamlin told the court that his client believed the firearm was broken, and that the crown could not exclude the possibility of it exploding in his client's hand.

Sanft said he was only holding the gun because the family was moving out of the home and he had planned to throw it out.