Is this NZ's slowest police pursuit?

The driver of a car between Balclutha and Clinton took police on a not-so-fast-and-furious pursuit after failing to stop on Sunday afternoon.

Video has emerged on Facebook of the chase between a white car and multiple police vehicles along the Mataura-Clinton Highway, across the border between Otago and Southland.

Police say the driver of the car failed to stop, which led to a pursuit from Balclutha towards Clinton before the car's tyres were spiked, bringing the chase to a finish.

Police added there were no high speeds or dangerous driving involved during the pursuit.

In the video the chase can be seen "whizzing" past other traffic before a number of police vehicles box the car in, in an attempt to slow the chase down, even further.

Unlike in other parts of the world, you won't see this chase end in a spectacular crash. In New Zealand, it seems you're more likely to see a flock of sheep stop a hot pursuit, over police tactics.

In the end, a 45-year-old man was arrested as the chase finally ended. He is due to appear in the Invercargill District Court on Monday on three charges, including failing to stop, reckless driving and driving with excess breath alcohol.