New Zealanders save tourist after mother's desperate rescue plea

Valery Mikhailov sent a help signal to her mother.
Valery Mikhailov sent a help signal to her mother. Photo credit: Valery Mikhailov / Facebook

A Russian mother's desperate plea for help has seen her daughter rescued after setting off her rescue beacon in New Zealand.

Valery Mikhailov was travelling around the North Island, and appeared to have gone into the Herekino Forest near Kaitaia.

However after entering she sent a help signal to her mother, who lives in Russia.

And despite being thousands of kilometres away and not speaking English, her mother Luiza Kim took action.

She posted a frantic call for aid on the Te Araroa community Facebook page.

"Hi all! my daughter Valery Mikhailov, now on the trail, 2 hours ago, she gave share.findmespo help signal, I don't know what's wrong with her , who's next please help," Ms Kim said.

"She has a signal on the aid satellite, and the signal hasn't changed for 2 hours, and I'm very worried about the satellite's map "!", and it's just a shoe print."

Kiwis responded, and rescuers sprang into action.

After attempts to contact Ms Mikhailov on her cellphone failed, the police and Search and Rescue were deployed.

"The police teams are already on site and there are search teams on their way which shouldn't take long now," Search and Rescue volunteer James Morrison commented on the post.

"I am currently searching the areas past her last known location in case she has walked further before I join the rest of the Search and Rescue teams. I will keep you all updated as any more information comes in. We will find her."

Ms Kim was grateful, but worried for her daughter's survival.

"I'm grateful, I'm very worried about my daughter, and then I can't help her," she said.

By using her rescue beacon's co-ordinates, the search party was able to narrow down her location - and there was a happy ending.

"She has been found safe and well. She is now with Police and Search and Rescue and we will give her a ride to a safe place," Mr Morrison said.

Good news to Ms Kim, who was relieved her daughter was safe.

"James, I have no words, I am very grateful, I had a sleepless night, but it's nothing like that with my daughter all right! health to you and good luck!" she replied.