One found, two missing from south Westland boat

  • 16/09/2017
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One man from a vessel that foundered off south Westland has been rescued and a search is continuing for two crew still missing.

It's believed the vessel got into trouble on Thursday night and a search only started on Saturday morning when the crew of a light plane flying in the area saw debris and a life raft.

A rescue helicopter found the man on a rock at Niels Beach at about 2.40pm on Saturday, police say.

The people in the light plane flying over the water near Jackson Bay about 11.30am saw the debris and life raft on the shoreline and reported it to police.

A helicopter was sent as onshore conditions were rough. It is continuing to search for two other people who were on the boat who are still missing.

The man who was rescued has been taken to hospital.

Police are in contact with the families of those affected and support is being provided.