Remarkable images captured by NIWA scientists

Winners from NIWA's annual staff photography competition have been revealed for 2017, showing parts of New Zealand in a way rarely seen before.

The images include a breath-taking backdrop of the Milky Way from Porters Pass in the South Island.

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The Milky Way from Porters Pass. Photo credit: NIWA

Taken by freshwater fish ecologist Shannan Crow, the image won the people's choice award, as voted by the public.

Mr Crow said capturing the photo took a lot of patience and perfect timing.

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Crispin Middleton won the special award for this photo. Photo credit: NIWA

Crispin Middleton won the special award for his photo of squid, taken while diving near the Poor Knights Islands, north of Auckland.

"Despite the squid only being around 10-15mm long, my wife spotted it from the boat, as we were driving along the coast of the Poor Knights," he said.

"By the time we anchored, I was sure it would have made a getaway, but as soon as I backward-rolled into the water, the little thing was right there in front of me, posing for photographs.

"I wish more marine critters would behave like this."

Watch the video.