Seventh anniversary of Canterbury earthquake marked by protest

Monday marks the seventh anniversary of the first big earthquake in Christchurch in September 2010.

The occasion was marked by a protest from a homeowner still battling her insurers over repairs.

Protesters gathered outside the IAG's Christchurch office in support of Jo Petrie's marathon fight to fix her home.

"It's just been such a long, long battle to get our house repaired post-earthquake, and we believe - well, we know - that there's many, many people like us," Ms Petrie said.

Her plight began exactly seven years ago when the 7.1 quake ripped through Canterbury - a precursor to the 6.3 quake in February 2011.

After 72 months and a botched foundation repair, Ms Petrie's dispute is heading to court.

"It's a complex claim," IAG Insurance spokesman Dean McGregor said. "We are getting the right experts involved and we've been working intensely hard for the last few months."

"We were perhaps too optimistic at the start of the whole event about how quickly we could rebuild and get the city up and running again, but real progress there is," former Christchurch mayor Bob Parker said.

Around 200 members of the Anglican diocese will meet at Synod on Thursday to decide the future of the Christchurch Cathedral.

A decision is expected on Saturday, seven years after the quake that triggered the disaster in Canterbury.