'Shocking' footage used to convict hit-and-run driver Zhenghang Yu released

Police have released shocking CCTV footage of the man responsible for the death of hit-and-run victim Jacob Pakura.

The 16-year-old was skateboarding in the Auckland suburb of Glen Eden in January, when he was hit by Zhenghang Yu.

Yu who pleaded guilty to dangerous driving causing death was sentenced to four years in prison last month.

At sentencing the court heard Yu had two previous drink driving convictions, and been driving erratically in the moments before and after he hit the teen.

But he claims he hadn't been drinking that night, and blamed his poor driving on a bad reaction to some medication.

Yu never stopped to assist Jacob, and continued driving to his home where his own CCTV security cameras captured his arrival.

The footage shows Yu pulling up into his driveway, and two women running out to meet him.

They both walk around to the driver's side door, before walking around the vehicle to briefly survey it.

One woman then helps Yu out of the car, and walks him over to the middle of the driveway. The trio have a brief exchange, before one of the women goes back to the car and the other walks halfway up to the house with Yu.

She holds Yu's arm to direct him and keep him steady, before he stumbles off by himself.

Both women then meet back at the car, and run back and forth between the house and the vehicle. They switch the car's  headlights off, and go back up to the house one more time.

When they return they switch the headlights back on, and one bends down to inspect the front of the car. Police say one of them also takes a photograph of the vehicle.

They circle the Honda Odyssey again, and then turn off its lights before going inside the house.

Detective Sergeant Ash Matthews says the footage was captured about 10 - 15 minutes after Yu hit and killed Jacob, and police seized it under a search warrant.

"It's not everday you go to an offenders house, and find footage of them arriving home after something like this. It certainly helped the Prosecution's case, and it was shocking, he was certainly in no state to drive.

Matthews says while it formed a huge part of the case, it wasn't the only piece of evidence that helped police to make an arrest.

"It was very helpful, but to be fair the real reason that we were able to solve this was through the assistance from the public, and in particular the two people that were driving home that saw his vehicle and reported it to us"

But while Yu was arrested, the two women captured in the security footage were never charged.

"We did a comprehensive investigation which includes assessing the criminal liability of any people, and there was no scope under the legislation to charge them.

Jacob was struck from behind and his body was thrown up to 34 metres across the road.

He suffered extensive injuries during the impact, including a fist sized hole in his pelvis, a traumatic brain injury, broken ribs, a split spleen and multiple skull fractures.

The teen's family only viewed the CCTV footage from Yu's house earlier this week.

"They were pretty upset, they're still devastated. I feel for them, I've got two young kids myself."

"I can't even imagine what it would be like to lose a child and they're living that every day, so to see this, and see the reaction of Mr Yu afterwards I think was really disappointing, and really heart breaking for them all again." said Detective Sergeant Matthews

At Yu's sentencing last month, Jacob's mother Esther read a tearful victim impact statement to the court.

"It sucks that Jacob's life has been taken. His legacy was stolen, it only lasted 16 years, nine months and 12 days.

"The way his life taken was hateful... our family has been left with a gaping hole.

Yu apologised in a letter read by his lawyer, and Jacob's family were offered the chance to take part in a restorative justice process, but they declined.

Police say lessons should be learned from the tragic death.

"At the end of the day there are messages that we reinforce time and time again. If you have a crash stop, call emergency services, give medical assistance and first aid to the people if you've hit them."

"Drive safely, drive defensively. Don't drink and drive and stick to the speed limit."