Tinder condemns 'prostitution' as profiles offer cash in New Zealand

Tinder condemns 'prostitution' as profiles offer cash in New Zealand
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A popular dating app says it does not condone "promoting prostitution", as a number of New Zealand Tinder profiles have been found to be offering money in exchange for sexual favours.

Tinder is a smartphone dating app where users "swipe right" to match with profiles they like, or "swipe left" if they're not interested. Two users can only start a conversation if they match, by both swiping right.

The profiles use the name "money" or "cash", with a profile picture to match, and promise large amounts for women who swipe right.

"Want quick and easy cash? Swipe right to find out how!" one of the profiles offers.

After matching, one profile offered $120 "to watch two guys masturbate for an hour", while another offered $250 "for an hour of your day - full discretion". Both profiles promised the cash up front on arrival.

A Tinder spokesperson told Newshub, as it is a global platform, it is no more immune from "predatory individuals than society in its entirety".

"Profiles (or Tinder users) promoting prostitution violate our terms of service, and we have a system in place to report and remove these profiles from the app.

"If a user encounters a profile violating our terms, we encourage them to report it in within the app by tapping the '3 dots' icon and selecting 'Report'. From here, Tinder evaluates, takes the necessary action, and removes the inappropriate profile."