10 things to do on a rainy Labour Day

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There is nothing worse than a day off work and school and the rain sets in. But with a bit of imagination kids and even adults can still make the most of this wet and windy Labour Day.

We've compiled a list of some great things to do the weather can't ruin.

1. Build a fort:

There's nothing better than a good old fashioned fort. Get some sheets, a few pillows and some imagination and you can build a castle in your living room.

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2. Get jumping at a trampoline park:

If you want to tire the kids out, take them to a trampoline park. They can bounce around for an hour or two while you look forward to tuckered out kids at home.

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3. Go outside:

Now it may sound counter-intuitive but so long as its not thunder and lightning this weather will be producing some great puddles to jump in. Rug up warm with some gum boots and rain coat and head outside to have a splash. 

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4. Binge watch a movie or TV show:

With Netflix, Lightbox, Neon and all kinds of other subscription services on offer today is the perfect day to binge on spooky Halloween movies like Hocus Pocus or try and get through a whole season of  a TV show. 

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5. Go to a museum:

Most museums are free for locals and have rotating exhibits every few months. Take the time to go through and learn all about history and nature. 

Auckland War Memorial Museum on a better day.
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6. Make some slime: 

You only need glue, borax, vinegar, hot water, food colouring and some gloves to make this latest kids craze. Just be careful because once you've it once you won't be able to stop.

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7. Go ice skating or rollerblading: 

While some may find standing up on skates challenging, once you start skating it's hard to stop. Just make sure you have some help if it's your first time.

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8. Make some home baking:

Nothing makes a rainy day better than some homemade cookies and with all the food intolerances these days it's the best way to ensure what you have is gluten free/vegan/allergy friendly or whatever you need.  Bowl licking optional.

10 things to do on a rainy Labour Day
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9. Play board games: 

Everyone dreads the game of monopoly that eventually lasts three hours, but most families will have more than one board game in the closet. Maybe take this chance to search through the cupboard and find something you haven't used in a while.

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10. Break out of an escape room:

While being locked in a room may not immediately sound like anyone's idea of a good time, escape rooms are popping up everywhere, and the puzzles you have to solve to get out of the room are addictive.

10 things to do on a rainy Labour Day
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