10 things to do while we wait for Winston

Hamilton Gardens (left) and Okja (right).
Hamilton Gardens (left) and Okja (right). Photo credit: Newshub.

There's been a lot of waiting around this week. The country is in limbo, and journalists have been reduced to literally counting tiles as they pace outside top-secret meeting rooms.

It's totally fair enough to take time on this decision, but the feverish following of Mr Peters is no wonder - he initially gave himself the optimistic deadline of last night to have everything nutted out.

Mr Peters is having the weekend off talks, which should be a hint for the whole country to find something else to do.

Here are 10 things you could do to distract yourself from NZ First, Winston Peters and that TGIF tie he wore as he told reporters his board wouldn't be meeting till Monday.

1. Go and eat delicious dumplings

There are so many options. If you're in Auckland, try Mr Zhou's in New Lynn, Eden Noodles, Shaolin Kung Fu noodles or Joy, all on Dominion Rd. Joy is at the top of a staircase and does some seriously good hand-pulled noodles.

2. Watch Okja 

This movie is a compelling watch for adults or families with older children.

It's sweet, sad, different and, importantly, on Netflix, so you don't even need to leave the house.

Don't tuck in for a meaty meal in front of the TV for this one. I involves a large adorable pig that might put you off eating animals forever. Stick to popcorn.

Okja the big gentle, lovable pig.
Okja the big gentle, lovable pig. Photo credit: Netflix

3. Spring cleaning - tedious, but still better than waiting for Winston.

4. Go to the museum

I visited Auckland Museum last weekend for the wildlife photography exhibition - which, of course, means visiting the Winter Gardens too. It was great! 

I think it's best when you do the museum in small chunks, rather than attempting the whole thing at once.

The Winter Gardens.
The Winter Gardens. Photo credit: Anna Bracewell-Worrall/Newshub.

5. Emotionally invest in Bird of the Year

Select a side and go hard - but you're only allowed one vote, so make it a considered one.

The competition is so serious that this year's already seen one citizen fraudulently vote 100 times for the white-faced heron. 

You have until October 23 to exercise your democratic right. 

Find out which lesser-known bird you are here

A wrybilll.
A wrybilll. Photo credit: Forest and Bird

6. It's nearly Halloween! 

IMO the most productive thing you could do this weekend is ornately decorate your nails.

Here's some inspiration from amazing amazing amazing Auckland nail artist Tanya Barlow:

7. Make sticky cinnamon buns

My mum makes this recipe every Christmas, and it's delicious. 

They fill the house with the smell of cinnamon and fresh bread, and they are a warm sticky mess of delciousness to eat.

8. Find out who lives in your house

OK, if you absolutely hate bugs, maybe this one isn't for you. 

But if something about them fascinates you even slightly, I reckon now is the time to dive right in. 

I love using Landcare Research's bug identification tool, which is elegantly named 'What is this bug.'

I'm obsessed with pseudoscorpions - a tiny bug that is known to use its pincers to attach itself to flying insects to move to a new location. I've never seen one, but maybe one will turn up while we wait for Winston.

A pseudoscorpion hitches a ride on a fly.
A pseudoscorpion hitches a ride on a fly. Photo credit: Getty

9. Visit Hamilton

Hamilton Gardens are seriously cool. These botanical gardens are themed and so compact you can step from sculpted Italian gardens to Indian wildflowers within a few metres. It's like Instagram but with fresh air and tourists.

The Indian Char Bagh Garden.
The Indian Char Bagh Garden. Photo credit: Hamilton Gardens.

10. Go to Matilda the musical

This is the best theatre I've ever seen.

I was a little sceptical about the performing children, but they are polished, funny, the set is mind-boggling and the choreography is stunning. Everything is amazing. 

The deep, beautiful set means the line of vision can be cut off unless you have dead-centre (AKA expensive) seats.  It's still absolutely worth it. I just wish tickets weren't so expensive, because I want everyone to be able to see this amazing show. It left me tingling for days.