Auckland International Airport facing huge delays after power outage

It's air commuter chaos at Auckland International Airport on Wednesday evening, thanks to a power cut that's forced over 1000 people to be re-scanned.

By the time the error was picked up 53 people had already gone through a malfunctioning metal detector, but as a precaution everyone has had to be re-scanned, causing massive delays.

All international flights are currently on hold until passengers are re-processed.

Tim Warren was about to board a flight to Toronto at 8pm when he was called back through security.

"We were just about to board when everybody in the airport was moved to one side of the airport and we were made to sit and wait until about [9:45pm]," he told Newshub.

But despite customers starting to move through again now, the queue is still heavily backlogged.

"The area where you go into customs is absolutely full of customers… there are literally hundreds of us here."

Mr Warren says spirits are still high.

"Everybody is happier to be safe than sorry so they're all lined up and just getting through with smiles on their faces."