Automobile Association calls for drivers to remember the basics

  • 18/10/2017
Automobile Association calls for drivers to remember the basics
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The Automobile Association has called for drivers to recognise their own mistakes after a survey showed large numbers of members witnessing unsafe behaviour on the road. 

The AA says in a recent survey by members 85 percent of respondents saw other motorists exceed the speed limit, 64 percent saw motorists drift out of lanes and 63 percent saw somebody run a red light. Most say they don't have confidence in other drivers.

AA Driving School general manager Roger Venn says dangerous driving is reaching an "incredible level" and experienced motorists can ignore bad habits.

"We know experienced drivers struggle to consistently indicate, check blind spots, do their mirror checks, tailgate and avoid distraction from their phones - these are all bad habits that have crept into people's driving routines," he said.

The road toll is rising with the provisional 2017 road toll currently already at 300, 41 above the provisional road toll on October 18, 2016.

The NZ Police has also said NZ drivers are consistently making dangerous decisions.

Speaking to Newshub after a crash left four dead in Taupo, National Road Policing Manager, Superintendent Steve Greally said poor decision making by drivers is leading to serious accidents.

According to Supt Greally, not driving to conditions, drinking and driving or driving while fatigued were all factors in the rising road toll.

He said that a rise in the number of passengers and drivers not wearing seat belts was also partially to blame.

"People make mistakes and... if you have a crash, if you've got your seatbelt on, you've got a much better chance of walking away with your life."

In the past two years the number of people wearing not wearing seat belts in a crash and dying has doubled.