Black Ferns deserve better pay - Sports Minister Grant Robertson

New Sports Minister Grant Robertson is keen to see the Black Ferns paid better.

NZ Rugby chief executive Steve Tew admitted in August their pay was "pretty modest". Many of the world champion side have day jobs to make ends meet, while some All Blacks get paid more than $1 million a season, according to reports.

Asked on The Nation if any changes were in the works, Mr Robertson - who's also Finance Minister - said he would talking to NZ Rugby about it.

"I certainly believe the Black Ferns should be paid better," he told host Lisa Owen.

"They're a world champion team. Women's rugby is now one of the most competitive parts of rugby in the world, and I'd love to see the Black Ferns [paid better]."

The gender pay gap across New Zealand is about 9.4 percent, down from 12 percent last year.

Research released in August found no difference between men and women's productivity - concluding the pay gap was purely down to sexism.

"It's not just the industries that women are choosing to work in, it's not that women are less productive," said lead researcher Isabelle Sin.

"It's sexism and it's not fair."

NZ Rugby declined to comment on the matter when approached by Newshub.