Booking a babysitter Uber-easy with new app

We book taxis, organise flights and order pizza using apps, but what about choosing your childcare?

Auckland mum Jane Haagh is trying to make finding a babysitter Uber-easy, after looking for a babysitting solution while on holiday overseas.

She ended up using a hotel service, before the idea for Sitterzen dawned on her.

"That was so good, I wonder if I could replicate that back in New Zealand. Could we create an online platform similar to Uber, for babysitting?" she told Newshub.

Like ordering a taxi, Sitterzen enables parents to book and pay for a babysitter at short notice.

But should childcare be as easy as the tap of a button? Ms Haagh said actually, no.

Every babysitter has been recommended by another parent.

"What we are trying to do is replicate what's happening anyway. If you wanted to find a sitter, you may say to a friend, 'Do you know a sitter that I could use', and quite often a parent will say, 'Yes, she's amazing, here's her number'."

Police have some babysitter tips to keep your children safe:

  • They must be at least 14, and someone you trust and your children feel happy with.
  • Be clear about arrangements, including whether to allow friends to visit.

Mum of three Angela Meehan said finding a babysitter can be tough.

"We do find it quite hard, we're both not from Auckland originally, and we don't have the luxury of parents, grandparents, so if we ever want to do anything together we do need a babysitter," she told Newshub.

The app's already helped find her perfect match, something she said was "quite exciting".

The Sitterzen app's starting out small, only in parts of Auckland, but there are plans to roll it out further if trials go well.