Broadcasting Standards Authority calling Sean Plunket to task over Weinstein tweets

Sean Plunket
Sean Plunket. Photo credit: Newshub

Veteran journalist Sean Plunket, who was recently appointed to the NZ Broadcasting Standards Authority, is facing hard questions, after appearing to tweet in support of disgraced Hollywood movie producer Harvey Weinstein.

"We're very well aware of it," BSA chairman Peter Radich assured Newshub on Thursday morning. 

"Be assured that the matter is being dealt with expeditiously - I'm not able to say much more."

Weinstein has effectively been forced out of the movie business over recent days and has seen his marriage crumble, under a barrage of sexual harassment charges from high-profile actresses and models.

On Wednesday, Mr Plunket tweeted "Anyone else feeling for Harvey Weinstein?", drawing howls of protest from throughout the Twittersphere.

He later backtracked, claiming his post was a "little social experiment", then trying to deny all knowledge of it, before finally taking responsibility for the comments.

"So my feelings for Weinstein are revulsion, anger and contempt. Wonder if this tweet will get covered in the herald."

Mr Plunket was recently appointed to the BSA, a body charged with upholding "good taste and decency" in the television and radio industry.

The BSA also oversees the standard for "discrimination and denigration", designed to "protect sections of the community from verbal and other attacks, and to foster a community commitment to equality".

Arts and Culture Minister Maggie Barry oversaw his appointment process, but was offering no comment on Mr Plunket's behaviour on Thursday morning. 

The former Opportunities Party (TOP) staffer had already landed in hot water earlier this month, when he was referred to police for inappropriate use of social media on election day.

"Hope everyone remembers to put a top on before going out to vote, when it's cold, two tops," he tweeted.

Mr Plunket supposedly closed his Twitter account after that indiscretion.