Call to action from environmental leaders

  • 01/10/2017
Greens leader James Shaw (Getty)
Greens leader James Shaw. Photo credit: Getty

The Green Party is welcoming a call from leaders of seven environmental organisations for the major political parties to prioritise protecting the environment when a new Government is formed.

Greens leader James Shaw says they will do all they can to ensure the environment is at the top of the agenda of a new Government.

Forest & Bird, Fish & Game, Greenpeace, WWF, EDS, Generation Zero, and Ecologic, have written an open letter calling on political parties to prioritise freshwater, climate and conservation.

"The Greens have consistently put environmental issues on the political agenda, and in this election we campaigned on climate action, clean water and conservation," Mr Shaw said.

"We were pleased that many of those issues were picked up by other political parties during the campaign.

"We are now working to be in a position to implement our policy solutions as part of a new, environmentally friendly and progressive Government," he said.