Car the focus of Greymouth shooting inquiry

  • 26/10/2017
Car the focus of Greymouth shooting inquiry
Photo credit: Newshub.

Police are seeking sightings of a late 1990s silver Honda sedan with mag wheels as they investigate the fatal shooting of a woman in Greymouth.

Hayley Williams, 43, was shot at her home on Marsden Road just after 4pm on Sunday.

A 45-year-old man was arrested at Old Christchurch Road on Monday afternoon and charged with her murder.

Detective Sergeant Kirsten Norton says police are still seeking information on events before and immediately after the shooting.

They are asking the public for sightings of the Honda.

The vehicle is believed to have been in and around Marsden Road and Old Christchurch Road between 3.45pm and 7pm on Sunday.

It might also have been seen between those two points in an area known to locals as Aorangi.