Christchurch man stuck up tree after paraponting failure

A leisurely Sunday morning parapont in Christchurch didn't end up exactly as planned.

A man who started out at the top of the Port Hills soon found himself dangling from the top of a tree.

He had to be rescued by the fire service.

"We had to bring the turntable ladder down and a couple of the trucks and pluck him out of the tree and recover him safely," Woolston fire service's Mike Harvey told Newshub.

But it wasn't as easy as rescuing a cat stuck up a tree.

Christchurch man stuck up tree after paraponting failure
Photo credit: Newshub.

"[It was a] bit of tricky rescue. The ladder was at its full extension, with the elbow of the ladder over to pick him out of the tree."

The area below the Port Hills in Christchurch is popular with paraponters, and apparently this tree has been somewhat popular also.

"This is the second time that someone's landed in that tree in 10 years," Mr Harvey said.

There was a happy ending on Sunday, with the unlucky paraponter coming down smiling and walking away unharmed to cheering crowds.

The fire service was only happy to help.

"It's just something that's happened on a lovely day," Mr Harvey said.