Creator of 'Sh*t towns of NZ' Facebook page 'should be shot' - Waikato mayor

  • Updated
  • 18/10/2017
Mayor, Waikato
South Waikato District Mayor Jenny Shattock made the shock call. Photo credit: Facebook

The onslaught against the creator of 'Shit towns of NZ' Facebook page has continued with one district Mayor saying the creator "should be shot."

That's the way South Waikato District Mayor Jenny Shattock feels after a town in her district, Putaruru, was named one of the shittest towns in New Zealand.

"The people who write that sort of rubbish should be shot," she told NZME.

"We're confident both Putaruru and Tokoroa are really great towns to live in.

"We have shortages in houses and rentals because of all the people moving here.

"If it wasn't such a great place to live, work and play we wouldn't be having those kinds of challenges."

Ms Shattock told Newshub on Wednesday that she knows she shouldn't have said the creator of the page should be shot, but that she was trying to match the joking nature of the page. 

"I shouldn't have used those words…but it was tongue in cheek and actually it was made in the same sort of satirical vein as that Facebook page evidently is." 

Death threats have been directed towards the anonymous creator of the page that has more than 25,000 likes on Facebook.

"[Those] who don't get the joke seem prone to making violent threats... we're not prepared to run the risk that one of these gormless goons will actually act out some of the uber violence they propose," the page posted.

"We all have different senses of humour - maybe you could go back to looking at videos of dogs wearing sunglasses or whatever it is that tickles your particular funny bone."