CTV building site to become 'a special part of the city'

  • 18/10/2017
CTV, Christchurch
Plans have been revealed for the landscape of the site where the CTV building collapsed. Photo credit: Newshub

Plans have been revealed showing what will inhabit the empty site in central Christchurch where the CTV building collapsed in the February 2011 earthquake.

The collapse of the building on the corner of Cashel and Madras Streets resulted in the loss of 115 lives and the injury of many more people.

"The site will become a special part of the city, a peaceful place to sit and reflect, with grass and gardens," says Ōtākaro Limited Chief Executive Albert Brantley.

"The lawn and the three former car parks on the Cashel Street side of the site will be retained. There will be a central grove of cherry trees as well as New Zealand native plants and international plants to provide variety and colour.

"A stone plinth will include a water feature that pours into the garden bed."

CTV, Christchurch
An artists impression of the site. Photo credit: Supplied

Mr Brantley says as much of the building's original foundation as possible will be kept in the landscape.

"This mix of surfaces will ensure that a range of visitor preferences can be met. Those who want to visit the site but not see the concrete will be able to do so. While those who wish to touch the slab will also have that opportunity," he says.

"Lighting will ensure the space is safe and visually pleasing during the day and night. Wheelchair access will be provided into the site."

CTV, Christchurch
The collapse killed over 100 people and left scores injured. Photo credit: File

The reveal comes after Police announced they are in the final stages of deciding whether to press charges over the collapse of the building.

The outcome of an investigation will determine whether anyone should be held criminally culpable for its collapse.

Landscaping on the site of the old CTV building is expected to be completed before February 21 next year, ahead of the seventh anniversary of the quakes.