Destiny Church leaders 'trust in Jesus' after deregistration threats

  • 04/10/2017
Pastor Hannah Tamaki says they will "never give up".
Pastor Hannah Tamaki says they will "never give up". Photo credit: Hannah Tamaki / Facebook

Destiny Church leaders say they will 'react like Christ' after the Department of Internal Affairs threatened to remove its charities from the Charities Register.

On Tuesday, Newshub reported the organisation had failed to file the required annual returns, putting it at risk of losing its tax privileges.

"Following the Department's standard practice, a Notice of Intention to Remove from the Register has been sent to two charities [Destiny International Trust and Te Hahi o Nga Matamua Holdings]," the department said.

"They now have 20 working days to file an objection to the notice, or file both overdue Returns, or they will be removed from the Register."

Destiny Church pastor Hannah Tamaki has reacted to the threat on Facebook.

"Our reactions need to be Christ. I choose to trust HIM no matter what... Never give up.. we are working on the Audit... it can't be rushed... process is the process [sic]," she said.

Churches largely avoid paying taxes because, according to the law, the advancement of religion is considered a charitable purpose.