Destiny Church's Hannah Tamaki accuses Newshub of 'fake news'

  • 09/10/2017
Hannah and Brian Tamaki of Destiny Church.
Hannah and Brian Tamaki of Destiny Church. Photo credit: Facebook

Hannah Tamaki, who is married to Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki, has hit out at Newshub for "fake news".

Ms Tamaki tweeted this morning [sic]: "When others try to stop progress, they'll dream their own headline.. for more info on fake news. contact News hub. meeting still on in Chch."

Newshub reported that the meeting that was planned to take place at Haeata Community Campus in Aranui on Monday night was cancelled, after protesters organised a 'Queer Quake Mardi Gras' protest to welcome attendees.

Ms Tamaki called this 'fake news' as the meeting was moved to another venue after the school cancelled due to the protest.

The protesters arranged the event to hit back at Destiny Church's treatment of the LGBTQ community.

The self-ordained Mr Tamaki caused outcry last year when he suggested that gay people were the cause of the Christchurch earthquake.