Dob in mobility park cheats with new app

  • 13/10/2017

A new app allowing people with restricted mobility to more easily find disabled car parks and dob in those using them illegally has spread to Wellington.

Already launched in Christchurch on October 1, the Access Aware app allows users to share information about where handy mobility parks are located.

But it also allows them to fire off alerts when they spot parking cheats taking advantage of the parks simply to get closer to the shops.

If the alert is about a public mobility car park, it buzzes through to parking inspectors with the Christchurch and Wellington city councils so they can jump to action to catch the culprits.

In 12 days of use in Christchurch, the app has already been downloaded 288 times while 116 reports of misuse of mobility car parks have also been placed, the app maker CCS Disability Action said.

"Misuse of mobility parks in New Zealand is a big issue and a real concern for those with disabilities who have a genuine need for these parking spaces,'' Wellington councillor Chris Calvi-Freeman said.

Christchurch smart cities programme manager Teresa McCalllum earlier said an estimated 20 percent of the 120,000 mobility parking permits issued in New Zealand are out of date and being used illegally.