Kiwi women better in bed than men - survey

Worried young woman lying in bed away from her boyfriend.
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A dating website has tried to put to bed the question of who is best in the sheets.

Saucy Dates asked 22,753 straight users to rate the last people they had slept with on a scale of zero (worst ever) to 10 (best ever), and what country their sexual partners came from.

Kiwi men scored a four ("bad") while women came in slightly higher, with six ("quite good").

However six isn't that much to brag about, with New Zealand still rating as one of the lowest in the survey. 

New Zealand males scored the lowest overall, while New Zealand women were joined at the bottom by Australia and Spain.

The top rated countries for men were Australia, South Africa and the United States with a score of eight and women from Canada, France, Italy and the United States also scored eight.

Kiwi women better in bed than men - survey
Photo credit: Saucy

Overall men and women were equally harsh when rating bad lovers, with similar numbers rating lovers as zero, but women were more likely to give men a "very good" rating of eight, while more men give women a "good" seven.