Lost and Found's David Lomas' frightening shark encounter off Takapuna

David Lomas.
David Lomas. Photo credit: Facebook

The host of Three's Lost and Found has revealed a terrifying encounter with a shark while kayaking off Auckland's Takapuna.

David Lomas told Newshub he was "attacked three times" by the shark, who he thinks was biting the underside of his kayak.

"[It was] very much that Jaws moment. I was certainly bloody scared by then," he said.

"It's the first time I've seen a shark while paddling, so there is a pretty good chance I won't see another in my lifetime."

When the shark first bumped his kayak, he said he thought he'd hit a rock, except he knew there were no rocks in the area as he frequently swims there.

"It was really weird because there was no one else there and I knew by then I was not on rocks; the sea was dead calm.

"I just couldn't work out what was happening."

It was then Lomas saw a silvery-grey shape below him and he attacked it with his paddle. He said the shark was driven off by his strike and he headed back to shore. When he checked out his plastic kayak, he couldn't see any bite marks.

Around 71 species of sharks call New Zealand home, according to the Department of Conservation.

Last year only one shark attack was reported, which was off the Coromandel and classified as "provoked" by a fisher, whose foot was bitten.