Meet Tia, the New Zealand police cat

  • 04/10/2017

This is Tia, the feline crime-fighter helping New Zealand Police sniff out mice and criminals.

"This is my lovely cat Tia. She's at work with me today, helping do some police work," a senior constable says, introducing the hero.

"Hopefully she'll sniff some stuff out for us today."

The video posted to Facebook shows the fluffy animal dressed in a little police vest, assisting cops by conducting an investigation of various office areas.

After a careful scene examination, Tia goes outside where she takes a vantage point on top of a police car - the best place to spot any criminal behaviour.

When Tia's patrol is over, she settles in for a snooze on an office chair.

"Tia generally only works half-hour shifts, she's going to go have her cat-nap," her handler says.

A welcome reward for a brave cat helping protect the New Zealand public.