New World follows Countdown's lead to phase out plastic bags

  • 10/10/2017
A discarded plastic bag floats at the surface of the Sea.  This image was taken to convey the concept of mans negative impact on the environment and Global Ocean pollution.  Plastic floating in the Ocean is a common sight throughout the world.  It is commonly now known as a threat to vast amounts of marine and bird life.  Its presence remains in the ocean for generations.  This image was taken whilst scuba diving in the Andaman Sea, Thailand.  I later removed the trash from the sea.
Photo credit: Getty

New World has decided to phase out plastic bags completely after the conclusion of its "bag vote" poll. 

The Foodstuffs-owned company was planning on implementing a charge on plastic bags based on responses to the online poll. 

Customers were asked to vote on whether they would support a charge, and how much they would pay. The poll did not allow customers to say whether they would support the removal of plastic bags from stores. 

Foodstuffs Managing Director Steve Anderson said in a media release "we missed an important question - no bag at all". 

"Many of our customers told us via email, Facebook, phone and in-store that they wanted this option."

Plastic bags will be phased out of all New World supermarkets by the end of 2018. From February 1 2018 there will be a 10 cent voluntary donation for each plastic bag used.

The change comes following Countdown's announcement during the "bag vote" polling that plastic bags will be removed from its supermarkets by the end of 2018.

At the time Countdown Supermarkets said that a ban on plastic bags was favourable to charging and its view was not providing any bags would be best for the environment.

Mr Anderson says as well as the removal of plastic bags, new sustainability measures will be implemented, promoting recycling and investigating how to minimise waste.