Police post reveals difficult side of life as a cop

Police, New Zealand
Sometimes mowing a grieivng widow's lawn is the most important part of the job. Photo credit: Newshub

A heartfelt message posted on the official Waikato Police Facebook page over the weekend has given insight into life as a cop and how emotionally difficult it can be.

In addition to dealing with any number of crimes, the post describes the "heart-breaking part of life" that is dealing with incidences involving death.

"As police officers we attend many throughout our career. From the nasty ones to the grandfathers amongst our community that pass away in their sleep," the post reads.

"From personal experience this is a difficult time for us front-line cops. We have to try and be as professional as possible whilst quite often those people left behind are having to deal with their tragic loss."

The post goes on to explain that even doing the little things can make the world of difference.

"Two of the Cambridge crew attended a sudden death this week. Whilst one constable did his best to comfort the grieving wife, the other decided to finish off mowing the lawns. The recently deceased had only got half way through before falling ill," it says.

"We like to think that a little bit extra helps in these hard times, but I suppose until you are on the other side of the fence we never really know."

The post has since been liked more than 1600 times and received hundreds of supportive comments.