Police probe Facebook drug sales

Police want to talk to the owners of "nightmare" Facebook buy-and-sell pages to "nip things in the bud" before someone gets in trouble.

"A lot of you have been feeding us plenty of information around the open selling of drugs amongst other things," a post on the Waikato Police Facebook page read on Saturday morning. "I think we need to try and do something as a team."

They're asking current admins of buy-and-sell pages to get in touch so they can "come up with a plan".

Followers of the Waikato police were enthusiastic about the idea.

"Deal pages let people buy and sell alcohol and drugs and it really pisses me off," wrote Krystle Boyle.

"I'm a moderator of one buy and sell page and if I see any stolen product alcohol or drugs sold on there I delete the post, try do it again I kick their ass off the page."

"Good," replied the police. "That is what we want."

"I'm on Buy And Sell Hamilton & Waikato and it's pretty good, but phones, alcohol, drugs crop up from time to time," said Dave Doggart.

One person said they avoid Facebook buy-and-sell pages because they're "full of drug dealers, drama (name and shaming drama posts), scams, and general debauchery".

The popularity of buy-and-sell pages on Facebook has risen in recent years, many users citing the cost of using Trade Me.