Retirement village owner blasts residents for 'bullsh*t' behaviour

Lady Wigram Retirement Village.
Lady Wigram Retirement Village. Photo credit: Supplied

Residents of a Christchurch retirement village have been labelled "a pack of bloody kids" for putting a sign up on a fence complaining about noisy trucks passing through.

Lady Wigram Retirement Village owner John Tooby launched an expletive laden tirade on residents who put the sign up,which read:

"[Attention] all truckies. This is a retirement village. Please take your speed and noise back to the route you used to use away from our windows.

"We thought we had earned some peace and quiet."

A Christchurch Star reporter was interviewing the group of residents when Mr Tooby verbally abused them.

"I'm being rung up by the bloody press and I'm not standing for that bullsh*t," he told the residents, the Christchurch Star reported.

"Do you think you're going to re-train the bloody truckies down here? It's none of your business, it's none of my business."

Mr Tooby then insists if the residents had a problem they should have gone to him to sort it out.

"If you've got a problem, you ring me up but you do not go sticking signs on my fence," he said.

"[You're] like a pack of bloody kids. Grow up. Get a f**king life."

A resident then questioned Mr Tooby about his attitude.

"Did you get up on the wrong side of the bed this morning? You're in a foul mood. John."

To which Mr Tooby replied, "I'm f**king pissed off, yes."

The Golden Age Rest Home was established by John Tooby in 1985 with subsequent facilities being added, the Golden Healthcare Group is now New Zealand's largest privately owned healthcare business.

The Christchurch-based group includes the Golden Age Retirement Village, Brookhaven Retirement Village, Camellia Court, Albarosa Rest Home, Somerfield Rest Home, Brookhaven and Hoon Hay Rest Home.