Sign warning of 'chipocaplypse' was a mistake

packet of crisps opened
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While there are legitimate concerns about a potato shortage in New Zealand, a sign at Pak 'N Save yesterday turns out to have been a false alarm.

The sign referred to a 'nationwide potato shortage' that would likely last until the new year, but this turned out to be a mistake in one particular store.

A spokesperson from Foodstuffs, owner of Pak 'n Save and New World, told Newshub: "It turns out after more research, the store's sign was incorrect, their issue was actually due to an ordering error."

The spokesperson said there has been no impact on supply at the moment, although growers have warned there could be a shortage of potato chips in the coming months.

"The grower community has highlighted a potential future potato shortage due to bad weather but this has not impacted our business as yet. We are working with our suppliers to minimise any potential impact."

A Countdown spokesperson said while growers are known to be experiencing problems, it isn't affecting the company's potato chip stocks at the moment.

There's also been no impact on fresh or frozen potatoes or other potato snacks.

Potatoes New Zealand CEO Chris Claridge told Newshub there are very real problems with potato supply and in particular crisping potatoes that are used to make chips.

Mr Claridge said there are ongoing supply problems in the North Island and particularly in Pukekohe, Matamata and Horowhenua meaning that prices are likely to remain high and firm.

He said some suppliers are able to get around the problem by increasing their supply from South Island growers or by importing or manufacturing from overseas.

Mr Claridge encourages people to buy New Zealand made potato products.

"If people are concerned at where they are buying from, look at the packet and always buy New Zealand made."