Smack'nSave: Customers brawl in supermarket

Blood ran cold in the meat section of Pak'nSave on Tuesday evening as customers squared off in a fist fight.

The brawl was caught on camera as a crowd of shoppers watched on in the Mangere supermarket.

One onlooker pushes a trolley between the last two standing but it's no match for the men, who step around it. Eventually, security steps in, pulling one of the men away from the other.

"Obviously, this behaviour is completely inappropriate and it was a rather unpleasant experience for other shoppers," head of external relations for Foodstuffs NZ Antoinette Laird told the NZME.

"According to the store no one was hurt, however, Police were notified and the incident is being investigated further."

It is not clear what caused the stoush.