Stats NZ: Asians predicted to become NZ's second-largest ethnic group by 2038

A New Zealand passport.
A New Zealand passport. Photo credit: File

Asians - a broad-brush definition for people originating from the continent of Asia  - look set to become New Zealand's second-largest ethnic group by 2038, surpassing both Pacific Islanders and Māori.

Statistics NZ data projects the Asian ethnic group's share will be higher than the Māori ethnic share by 2023, and is projected at 22 percent of the total population by 2038.

The Māori ethnic share is also projected to rise to 18 percent by 2038. 

Growth is predicted for all four ethnic groups, but higher rates of birth and migration are likely to lead to higher rates of population increase for Māori, Asian, and Pacific populations, according to Statistics NZ analysis.

The total population of New Zealand is projected to reach 5.2-6.3 million by 2038.

The Auckland region is expected to reach a population of 2 million in the early 2030s.