'We will never give up until justice is done' - families of CTV building victims

Construction has begun on the new landscape for the site where the CTV building collapsed, killing 115 people during the February 22, 2011 earthquake.

However nearly seven years on, that comes as little satisfaction for the families of the victims who are waiting on a police announcement that will determine if anyone should be held criminally culpable for its collapse.

Maan Alkaisi, who lost his wife in the collapse, told Newshub authorities know exactly what went wrong with the building, they know exactly who is responsible and now families ask for justice.

"The Royal Commission did a very thorough investigation, their conclusion [was] that there were many design deficiencies in the building, there are many code non-compliance  issues, there are even some unethical issues with the design and construction of this building including a fake engineer," Mr Alkaisi says.

"We were expecting after the thorough investigation that somebody would [be held accountable] and after seven years and spending millions on investigations there is [no one] held to account.

"So we are really waiting for the police to announced the result of the investigation."

CTV, Christchurch
Maan Alkaisi overlooking the site of the collapse. Photo credit: Newshub

The office block pancaked in the quake and a later investigation revealed flaws in the building's design and construction.

"We lost 115 people in that particular building, they are not with us now, they cannot talk, they cannot defend themselves," he says.

"We will never give up until justice is done."

Police haven't given a specific date on when their decision will be announced, but have said it will be communicated to the families first.

CTV, Christchurch
The site where the CTV building stood is now empty. Photo credit: Getty

Plans were revealed earlier this month showing what will inhabit the empty site in central Christchurch.

"The site will become a special part of the city, a peaceful place to sit and reflect, with grass and gardens," Ōtākaro Limited Chief Executive Albert Brantley said.

Landscaping on the site of the old CTV building is expected to be completed before February 21 next year, ahead of the seventh anniversary of the quakes.