Wellington's 'zombie cops' in Waititi-inspired Halloween dance

  • 31/10/2017

A group of New Zealand's finest police officers have given a none-too-subtle nod to Taika Waititi's Boy with their latest dance routine - this one while dressed as zombies for Halloween.

NZ Police, which masterminded a 'Running Man' dance video that went viral worldwide and won a New Zealand Social Media Award in 2016, have now released the sequel to that clip.

This one, featuring five of Wellington District Police force's finest, is notably more spooky, with each of the officers wearing either a zombie mask or bloodied uniforms.

However, despite the creepy outfits, the dance is a jolly affair - largely because the soundtrack for the routine was Patea Māori Club's upbeat and iconic Kiwiana track 'Poi E'.

Much like in Boy, the officers showed off their "Michael Jackson dance moves" to the song - including the actions popularised in the pop star's music video for 'Thriller'.

The video is captioned with the hashtag #zombiecops, as well as a tag for Taika Waititi and some tips for keeping children safe on Halloween.

While it's yet to be seen how popular this particular dance video proves to be, it has already garnered a very impressive 41,000 views and 743 shares in just over four hours.