Activists occupy Jacinda Ardern's office over Manus Island refugee crisis

Activists are occupying Jacinda Ardern's office on Friday, angry over the lack of immediate action on the Manus Island refugee crisis.

The Auckland Peace Action protesters are demanding Ms Ardern bring all the Manus Island refugees to New Zealand now.

"Jacinda Ardern needs to talk directly to the Papua New Guinea government to arrange for all the Manus Island refugees to be brought to New Zealand," says Auckland Peace Action member Hamish Noonan.

"This week Papua New Guinea government officials have been destroying the water supplies, and the refugees are reaching their 17th day without water, power, food and essential medication."

Mr Noonan accuses the Labour government of using "delaying tactics" to prevent accepting all the refugees.

"The deal to take 150 refugees is a toxic deal left over from the John Key government, which had Australia offering to detain people wanting to come to New Zealand in return," he says.

"The Labour Government is now using delaying tactics and needs to accept all the refugees on Manus Island, not just 150.

"We call on Jacinda Ardern to condemn Australia's cruel, inhumane and illegal treatment of asylum seekers. Auckland Peace Action calls for a fair and due process for people seeking asylum in the Pacific."

The groups will rally in the Aotea Square this Sunday at 1pm to support the Manus Island refugees.