Auckland road sign hacked with dirty message

An Auckland sign has been hacked to display a dirty LED message, shocking drivers making their Tuesday morning school run.

"Open your mouth. Jesus is cuming," the sign on Beach Haven Rd read.

North Shore councillor Richard Hills raised the alarm on Twitter.

"Some clever person has hacked it and added some extremely colourful language to the display," Mr Hills said.

"Quite urgent to be removed. Kids will be talking at school I'm sure."

Local man Matt Painting was heading to work and says he "had to hang a u-turn" to take a second look at the flashing sign.

He's since posted a video to the Beach Haven and Birkdale community Facebook page, drawing a mixed reaction.

"Going to be some awkward questions at school today," one person mused.

"Omg some one's going to be told off at work today," another commented.

"That's pretty rude and uncalled for."

Others saw the funny side.

"Had to laugh driving past this morning," one said.

Another user said it had "made [his] day already".

Auckland Transport told Newshub the sign was turned away from traffic within 15 minutes of being noticed.

"This sign is controlled by the contractor who is now investigating how it happened," spokesperson Mark Hannan says.

"Pass codes to the sign are being changed."

"Auckland Transport apologises for any offence, this is totally unacceptable."

No one has yet taken credit for the message.