Auckland's housing problem puts pressure on rural towns


The regions are struggling to cope with the fallout from the Auckland housing crisis.

People are failing to find housing in our largest city and many are moving to smaller country towns.

But authorities there say they don't have the resources to help and they're calling on the Government to step up.

A mother, who would like to remain anonymous, told Newshub she moved to Tokoroa with her son, after struggling to find an adequate place to live in Auckland.

"My son was a bit sad when we left Auckland, but I think he's happy, now that he has more space to himself," she said.

They were living in an overcrowded two-bedroom home in Mangere, with eight people crammed in to the small space.

Angela Sing helped to arrange the move - she runs two housing facilities in Auckland, but both of them are full.

Earlier this week, she turned away a family of seven and another family of six, but she helps those that she can by giving them a new start at Glenview Holiday Park in Tokoroa, which she also runs.

Ms Sing says she imagines that those knocking on her door are her sisters or her brothers.

"I don't have the heart to shut the door or not welcome them inside."

The South Waikato District Council says many people are making the move from Auckland to Tokoroa.

Mayor Jenny Shattock wants the Government to better support the regions, as they try to cope with an influx of people.

"If central Government is allowing vulnerable people to move down into the rural communities, then it should send the support structures with them," she said. "Having these people come here is putting pressure on us."

The Salvation Army says that as long as the housing crisis in Auckland continues, the pressure will remain on small towns.

Major Campbell Roberts said the situation had been allowed to occur over several years and the situation in Auckland means people will continue to flock to the regions.

"We're not providing enough support for them in terms of advice, information and the structure, which would enable them to make those sorts of transitions."