British clairvoyant predicts 'serious earthquake in New Zealand'

A psychic who correctly predicted Donald Trump would be elected President and the outcome of the Brexit vote has issued an ominous warning to New Zealand.

Britain's Craig Hamilton-Parker says Aotearoa can expect a "serious earthquake" in 2018, which he believes will be part of "a general increase in seismic activity worldwide" next year.

And it's not just us, he warns, with other areas like Hawaii, the US, continental Europe and Edinburgh also in the firing line for destruction at the hands of major tremors.

"It won't be normal seismic and volcanic activity," he said. "I feel there's a lot of that ahead, particularly in Europe and America."

He also warned those near Antarctica - which is also us - could expect to be drawn into chaos thanks to "a massive break of the ice shelf" in the icy continent.

"It's going to be something that's going to disrupt the whole southern seas," he explained in a YouTube video.

"I mean, we're not just going to see bits breaking off, we're going to see a huge section break off down there - and I feel that's due in 2018."

It's not just us, our trans-Tasman neighbours Australia will suffer a massive forest fire, according to Hamilton-Parker and south-east Asia will suffer "the worst monsoons of all time".

But it's not all bad, Hamilton-Parker says, because "the collective thoughts of all of us" can change the outcome of his predictions. He says part of the remedy can be "becoming inspired by" and "drawing from the vibrationary power" of nature.

"Once we begin to love nature, all of us, and we treat nature as a being, maybe nature will find a way of correcting itself," he says.

There is no evidence to suggest a severe earthquake in New Zealand next year will occur.