'Carpark killer' Christopher Shadrock dies in prison

Convicted murderer Christopher Shadrock has died in prison in a suspected suicide, Newshub understands. 

Shadrock was serving a minimum 12-year sentence, after he ran over and killed businesswoman Joanne Wang in front of her eight-year-old son in 2008. 

Five other men in the car were also charged with being accessories to murder after the fact.

The killer snatched a bag from Ms Wang's car as she and her son were getting in and about to leave a Manukau shopping centre. 

He ran back to the stolen car he was driving and Ms Wang ran after him. He ran over Ms Wang as he attempted to escape and she died of her wounds the following day. 

Shadrock appealed his conviction for murdering Ms Wang in 2013, but the judgement was upheld.

Corrections confirmed a prisoner died in a suspected suicide on Tuesday.