Christchurch party mum charged by police

Theresa Soper's parties attracted up to 400 teenagers, some as young as 16.
Theresa Soper's parties attracted up to 400 teenagers, some as young as 16. Photo credit: Getty

A Christchurch mother who hosted parties for underage teenagers has been charged by police.

Theresa Soper's Halloween party was broken up by a police riot squad on Saturday night, who dispersed about 200 teenagers from the Styx property.

On Wednesday, police confirmed a 48-year-old woman was summoned to appear in the Christchurch District Court charged with using unlicensed premises for the consumption of alcohol.

Soper, who has earned the nickname "Momma Doof", told Fairfax police visited her home on Wednesday, and that she was "disappointed" they had decided to charge her.

"It's probably just a police formality they have to do. They're pretty good parties. I've been trying to keep within the law."

She told Fairfax she had hosted about 18 parties over the past two years in a barn named the Belfast Barn Bar.

The parties have hosted up to 400 teenagers as young as 16, including children of "very powerful people", according to Soper.

Soper had been worried about her own daughter going to parties with no security, and decided to host her own events where teens could party in a safe, supervised environment.

"What was happening is the kids have been going to parties  they vomit on the street, they p*** off the neighbours and this is where they get in trouble."

While Soper initially paid $3500 for each party herself, she now charges $15 a ticket with profits going to teenage charities.

She said she did not supply alcohol, but partygoers often brought it with them. Bags were checked at the entrance, with a ban on straight alcohol and bottles.

Despite the charge, Soper said she still intends to hold a party for her daughter's 16th birthday this weekend.